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"When Sue’s Happiness Videos arrive into my inbox the first thing I do is open them. I now don’t do anything that I would call ‘challenging’ without viewing them first. The way Sue speaks right to you is so motivating and empowering. The tools she teaches are so simple yet so effective. I met Sue a year ago for a one to one session after reading her book, I felt amazing after the session but keeping the momentum going sometimes is hard. The videos are the best thing since sliced bread! They really have contributed to changing my life and keeping me motivated and focused." James Norton, East London.

How would like to start every day for the next six months with a motivational video delivered right to your email inbox? Well now you can, as I share with you all that I've learnt to assist you to change your life for the better!
I invite you to start the day the 'Positive Sue' way and sign up to my Daily Dose* of Motivational Videos for only £18.95 per month and I will send you a link to download an mp3 of my CD The Power of Positive Living worth £8 FOR FREE, OR SAVE MONEY and make one payment now of £99

*5 times a week you will receive a short video that assists you to….

• Comprehend why and how this 'stuff' really works.
• Discover your limitations and make the shifts necessary to achieve success, joy and happiness in all areas of your life.
• Get rid of any blocks, negative thought patterns you may have to abundance and wealth.
• Realize how to attract the right partner into your life.
• Adopt highly effective confidence and self-esteem building techniques.
• Utilise powerful techniques to let go of past hurts, bitterness and resentment.
• Achieve clarity of mind and body and revitalise your energy levels.

• Pinpoint and conquer self-limiting and negative beliefs that have been holding you back.
• Replace them with powerful positive ways of thinking that will open up a new wonderful way of living for you.
• Put in place techniques to overcome fear, worry, anxiety and self-doubt all of which limit you in
  life .
• Master the ability to handle your emotions and achieve true inner peace.
• Become educated in the fantastic ways to overcome stress.
• Commit and learn to love yourself whilst giving your self-image and confidence a great boost.

I have found Sue Stone's Motivational Videos to be a tremendous help to me. They are also a terrific companion to her wonderful book 'Love Life, Live Life'. In fact, I love receiving the videos so much, that on the days that I don't receive one, I find I re-visit previous videos.– Sharon Ralph, Bournemouth

I absolutely loved your videos, they helped me enormously. I just loved getting them each day and really looked forward to your marvellous and wise teachings. The best thing was that they were short and sweet, so I could work on one thing per day, rather than trying to take in a whole lot of information and perhaps being overloaded. It was a fantastic way to learn.
They were also fun and you are so 'alive' that I found your joy infectious. I became motivated within myself to make changes for the better. My life now has greatly improved and I thank you sincerely for being such a big part of that through your teachings.

– Lesley Thomas, Australia