Benefits of Coaching

You are an entrepreneur running a business. It’s going OK but you know it could be doing so much better. The question is “how”? 

You need to feel certain that you are taking the right actions at the right time – the actions that will consistently move you and your business towards the successful achievement of all your goals. 

So what if you could embark on an exciting, transformational journey that would stretch you and empower you and your business to take leaps and bounds towards goals you had previously thought impossible? 

What you need is the support of a qualified, experienced business coach who will help you to define your way forward, commit to taking consistent ‘right’ actions and hold you accountable for your results.


Imagine for a moment...

  • Your organisation alive with highly motivated people.
  • People who actually love coming to work and are passionate about delighting customers.
  • People who are actively contributing to creating a vibrant culture and an incredibly successful business.
  • Your organisation being recognised as the best by customers and competitors.

Let us motivate, inspire and empower your people!  After all they are the most
important part of any successful business.

Every single one of them is important to us…. How they think, how they feel,
how they perform

  • Individual one to one sessions
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Motivational presentations

The Sue Stone Foundation can tailor a programme to suit your individual business
needs and requirements.  

Find an Accredited Sue Stone Foundation Business Coach here


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The benefits of business coaching by Di McLanachan, a Sue Stone accredited coach.

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Sue is an expert in personal empowerment and getting the very best out of the people she works with

Hilary Devey

The reason many businesses fail is due to the negative and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs of the entrepreneur.  Sue's expertise is in retraining our brain for success and tapping into the limitless potential we each have available to us

Rachel Elnaugh Founder of Red Letter Days and Ex Dragons' Den Star