Coaches Testimonials


Just some of our coach's testimonials

"Cannot believe it has been 2 years in September since I did my training, wow doesn't time fly - thanks Sue Stone for the opportunity to be part of the foundation and for your continued support of myself and my business. I can assure everybody the 2 days training is just the start! I feel privileged to be part of such a great team promoting the benefits of positive living to all I meet." Beverley Jones- Awaken Life Coaching

"A truly life transforming two days" Delia Hart, Totnes

"WOW what an amazing 2 days. Within 3 weeks of completing my life coaching training with Sue my results were visible. I had a number of friends and family comment on how my energies had changed and I had shifted from constant high levels of anxiety to a peaceful,calming ambiance. My husband who had reservations of the training now said its the best money i have spent he is so impressed in my changes to a happy balanced life. :)" Anna Cage, New Zealand

"The Sue Stone Foundation course has changed my life and will continue to change my life and the lives of others across the world for years and years to come. I already loved Sue from reading her book and listening to her CD but meeting her in person has blown me away. She lives and breaths her teachings and speaks completely from the heart. Her love and compassion for others oozes out of her and she is a true inspiration to me and I am sure every other human being who ever meets her and to top it all off she has a gorgeous 'mini me' version ...her beautiful daughter Nats....... I am so grateful, proud and privileged to be part of the Sue Stone Foundation and the message of positivity and love we are going to spread across the globe and beyond." Kelly Walsh

"Working with Sue and Natalie changed my life, way before I even did the training. Sue’s recipe for success resonated with me from 24thMay 2011 when I saw her on the Secret Millionaire. Her natural warmth and compassion shone through and I was compelled to make contact. Since that day I have never looked back. It is such a great honour to be one of the SSF founder coaches and I happily deliver her training with joy. Like Sue I am committed to spreading love and joy across the world… The Sue Stone Foundation WILL help you achieve happiness and success way beyond your expectations!" Andrea Stewart, Aberdeen, Scotland and New York, USA

"You are never too old! I'm 78 and what a fantastic, thrilling two days you gave us all, I am so proud at last after suffering with mental health challenges to have been awarded my Certificate by you, my dream to be an Accredited Coach for your wonderful Sue Stone Foundation has come true at last. I am so happy!!!!" Mary Chilvers, Salisbury

"Having read Sue's book initially in 2008 I was amazed at how Sue had turned her life around and how she had done it. 2009 saw me taking on a lot of Sue's advice and I literally absorbed her book to the extent that it changed my life and inspired me to chose the path I am now on as a Coach myself. On setting up my own business in Aug 2010 I again utilised Sue's book which motivated me to drive my business forward. I was amazed when in July 2011 Sue set up the Foundation and invited applications to train with her, this was something I had visualised for 2 years.... I am honoured and proud to say I was successful in my application and last week I spent 2 positive and energised days with Sue and the other 9 participants on the course. WOW - what a group, all on the same mission to spread love, happiness and positivity around the globe. Sue is a true inspiration, a motivator and all round fab lady who is so generous with everything she wants to share with you as a member of The Sue Stone Foundation... and in fact the world..I for one count my blessings that directed me pick up Sues 'Love Life, Live Life book - Sue can literally transform your life through your thought patterns....and inspires you to take that message out to others - there are only 2 words left to say - THANK YOU!" Beverley Jones, Awaken Life Coaching

"I was thrilled to be successful in my application and have just spent two amazing days with Sue, Natalie and 8 other like minded people who want to share their love, knowledge and beliefs with as many people as possible. The training was powerful and life changing. Sue is a wonderful lady, so generous and giving. She is an inspiration to us all. I am so very grateful the Universe guided Sue and I to connect and thrilled to be a part of The Sue Stone Foundation. So a heartfelt thanks for a fabulous training and for introducing me to such a wonderful 'family' in whom I can trust and with whom I can share this wonderful opportunity" Helen Jane

"I would just like to tell everyone how honoured I feel to be part of the Sue Stone Foundation. I have followed Sue's work in the past but had never had the pleasure of meeting never mind working alongside Sue. She is truly an inspiration to me and not only is she beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. This lady is so passionate about her work and everything she does radiates love. What more can I say the course was amazing and it's like my new extended family. Not forgetting the truly wonderful Natalie who is like her mum, absolutely gorgeous and super efficient." Louise Cowell

"I am a firm believer in the ‘Law of Attraction’. And, when Sue Stone emailed that she was looking for potential Accredited Sue Stone Foundation Coaches, I instantly knew that I wanted to do the course to become one. I was so pleased that Sue Stone was ‘attracted’ to me and when she finally accepted my application to train with her; I felt absolutely elated. The SSF Coaching course lasted for two days and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The course was interesting, inspirational and extremely motivating! Sue Stone is 100% professional is everything that she does and she is a terrific teacher/trainer. I would recommend her to any one who is seriously interested in doing the course because you will not be disappointed and I know you will have the time of your life." Sharon Ralph

"I am proud and honoured to say that I have just completed the course to become a founder member and accredited coach of the Sue Stone Foundation. It was an amazing experience to meet Sue and to experience her infectious positivity first hand (yes she really is that happy!!) and to meet the other coaches who are all fantastic people. The course itself was really interesting and informative and provided me with the tools which will enable me to live my dream, help others and to spread positivity and happiness. Sue's lovely daughter Natalie (aka PA extraordinaire!!) ensured that everything ran smoothly, was very helpful and always with a smile. I feel humbled. I know I am part of something really special." Janette Fenton